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Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team seeks to improve the lives of people by connecting the animal welfare community through its lifesaving resources and rescue services, giving second chances to animals in danger.

Core to their mission, PAART coordinates and transports tens of thousands of animals to their new homes free of charge. Leaving from the PAART Headquarters at the Allegheny County Airport in Pittsburgh, PA, our Mahindra Airvan GA8 aircraft, sponsored by the Rachael Ray Foundation and Rachael Ray Nurtish can serve the entire eastern half of the United States.

Not only do they fly, they also use a Land Rescue Team that consists of a specially outfitted Ford Transit and a new custom Ford Cargo truck that can hold up to 100 animals. Each year, the Land Team helps thousands of animals and drives up to 100,000 miles.

PAART is networked with shelters all over the county who call on us to provide life saving transport. Their team can jump into action at a moments notice to deploy our unique Land or Air Teams to go where ever animals are in danger. Each year they embark on close to a hundred rescue missions resulting in thousands of animals being rescued all over the country and even into the Caribbean.

When they are not flying or driving, they are working to coordinate and receive donations of food and animal supplies to fill their empty planes with to drop off at shelters and other rescue centers. Every little bit counts.

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