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Leather Keychain A Customizable is a great choice for an anniversary gift or birthday gift. They are made from the highest-quality Nappa leather, which develops a beautiful cracked texture with age. These keychains come in five colors and can be printed on both sides.

If you prefer a more minimal style, you can also opt for a traditional leather keychain. This style features a slim, minimalist design made of premium veg-tanned leather. You can also choose from gold, rose gold, or silver-colored hardware. These keychains can be personalized with a name, initials, or other significant words. These keychains are handmade in Spain and come in different colors and styles.

Easy to make

An Leather Keychain to make leather keychain can be made with a few simple steps. Firstly, you will need two strips of leather, one wider than the other. Use a razor knife to cut the leather into a desired size. Next, you will need to punch holes in it. After that, you can loop the leather around the keyring and line up the holes. Alternatively, you can also use a rubber band to secure the leather keychain to the keyring.


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