Maintenance... Maximum Conservation of Value

Corporate Air possesses extensive knowledge and experience with a wide variety of business jets. By working in close collaboration with the manufacturers we are able to provide timely and effective maintenance. Corporate Air’s maintenance department is also skilled in developing maintenance and parts programs that ensure compliance with all Federal Aviation Regulations, along with various country’s mandates for world-wide operations.

Safety is the corporate philosophy we live by. Routinely, Corporate Air undergoes independent safety audits to assure the highest level of safety and conformity with current industry standards. These audits review all operations, including maintenance and administrative aspects of our charter division. Corporate Air is one of the few companies in the nation that has maintained an industry standard audit approval for more than 15 years. Accident free since the beginning, Corporate Air holds both Argus Gold and Wyvern approved ratings.”  

Maintenance Services At A Glance
  • 24/7 Line and maintenance services

  • Maintenance support while away from home base

  • Warranty and maintenance program management

  • Detailed cleaning of the interior and exterior of the aircraft

  • Parts supply, procurement and storage for services and repairs

  • Maintenance tracking and planning 

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